Wills and Probate

Wills and Probate Proceedings

Planning for the future of your estate is amongst the most important legal decisions you can make, that is why you need to talk to our experienced Wills & Probate Solicitors. We understand it is hard to find time in your busy life to sit down and think about what will happen after you are gone, but it is crucial to plan ahead.

At Curling Moore Solicitors and Advocates, we have extensive experience and knowledge in Probate, Trusts and Wills, across a broad range of private client matters. Issues which we resolve and advise on can be sensitive and distressing for clients but we ensure that our advice is given with professionalism and empathy at all times.

The dedicated Wills and Probate team at Curling Moore Solicitors & Advocates work with clients all over the country to create comprehensive legal documents that ensure the long-term security of your spouse, partner and children. We take an individual approach to make sure every aspect of your estate is covered and that your money, property, possessions, and other assets are distributed in the way you intended.

Will Writing

Writing a will is your way of making things as easy as possible for your loved ones. A Will helps to reduce delays and confusion that may surround your estate. Our Wills & Probate Solicitors have the expertise to help you with:

  • The preparation of your Will which will determine who will get your money, assets and possessions.
  • Our firm participates actively in the National Free Will scheme which is aimed at encouraging people to make their Wills at little or no cost. Why not take advantage of this scheme and contact us through any of the participating Charities near you?
Probate – Grant of Probate and Letters of Administration

Probate is the process of accessing and distributing the assets of a deceased person. Where a person made a Will prior to his death, his Executors will apply for a grant of probate to enable them to administer the deceased’s estate based on his wishes which are detailed in his Will.

Where a person failed to make a Will before his death or the Will failed because of one reason or the other, the Administrators of his estate will apply for Letters of Administration to enable them to administer his estate based on the Inheritance law in force.

We offer a full probate service at Curling Moore Solicitors and Advocates. We understand that the death of a loved one is a particularly difficult time, and your case needs to be dealt with sensitively and compassionately but also professionally. If you instruct us, then your case would be handled by our qualified and experienced Wills and Probate solicitors.

Where there is no Will

If you die without making a will, then your possessions will automatically pass under the intestacy rules. This is known as dying ‘intestate’ which may not always mean the best provisions for your loved ones and may not be in line with your hopes and plans for your estate.

The laws of intestacy give priority to your closest relative, with spouses coming first in line, followed by children, parents, siblings and so on. While this seems to make logical sense on the surface, modern families are ever more complex, and these laws can cause big problems.

For instance, if you live with a partner but are not married, under the laws of intestacy your property would go to your closest relatives in the order set out above ahead of going to them. This could leave your partner without anywhere to live.
There are other pitfalls to be aware of too. There are no provisions in the law of intestacy for stepchildren, even if you consider them to be family.

If you are separated but not divorced, your ex-husband or wife will inherit your assets. This can lead to bitter disputes between the remaining family members. Talk to our Wills and Probate team today for help dealing with the estate under the rules of intestacy.

We are proud of the Wills and Probate Services we provide and the positive difference we make for our clients. Our experienced Wills and Probate Solicitors are experts in their field.