Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation Proceedings

Running a business is rife with a whole range of difficulties and challenges including cash flow, short and long-term debt, contractual matters, data protection and GDPR, recruitment and employment, and political and regulatory uncertainty.
It is therefore unsurprising that disputes can quickly arise between businesses and various stakeholders including suppliers, customers, partners, shareholders, directors, and employees.

Whatever the concerns facing your business, our highly experienced business litigation solicitors can assist you at every stage, from early assessment of the particulars of your case, to drafting contracts, to legal claims and other court documents, to providing robust representation at any court proceedings.

We understand that the stresses of commercial disputes are an unwelcome distraction to the running of your business and can even threaten its operation altogether. We will act without delay to resolve your matter as efficiently, privately, and cost-effectively as possible, seeking a positive outcome in line with your overall business strategy, and defending your reputation every step of the way.

Our commercial litigation solicitors excel in using methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution to help clients resolve disputes without having to incur the time, costs, and stress of court proceedings. However, we’re also highly knowledgeable in the Civil Procedure Rules, which govern the civil law process. We will ensure the entirety of your case is conducted in line with the relevant Pre-Action Protocol so, if it does become necessary to attend court, you will be in the strongest possible position from the outset.

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What our business litigation solicitors can do for you?

We can assist all manner of businesses and individuals acting in commercial capacities, including:

  • Limited companies
  • Sole traders
  • Partners
  • Directors
  • Senior executives (such as CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, and HR executives)
  • Business customers
  • Investors

Our solicitors have experience across a wide range of business litigation matters, including:

  • Debt recovery
  • Bankruptcy, company insolvency, and administration
  • Contractual disputes and warranty claims
  • Defending consumer claims
  • Commercial landlord and tenant disputes
  • Franchise disputes
  • Directors’ duties and disqualification
  • Professional negligence
  • Employment disputes
  • Competition law
  • Insurance
  • Technology disputes
  • Intellectual property
  • Construction disputes
  • Financial services disputes
  • Public and administrative law
  • Personal injury in the workplace
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

Whether you are thinking about bringing legal proceedings against an individual or company, or someone is bringing a claim against you, we provide commercially practical advice which is tailored carefully in line with your overall business strategy in order to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

We understand the risks associated with becoming involved in a commercial dispute or litigation. Our primary goal is to protect the interests of your business, maintaining relationships internally, with your customers, and any other stakeholders, and we will battle vigorously to protect your reputation.

As skilled negotiators, we are often able to help our clients successfully resolve their matters without having to resort to court. Where appropriate, we can recommend methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), such as mediation and arbitration, which are not only cheaper and more efficient at resolving disputes than court proceedings but also less public.