Company And Commercial Law

Company & Commercial Law

As a business owner, your business might be your greatest asset and your greatest responsibility. So, keeping your business interests protected for the long-term benefit of yourself and your family should be a major priority to every business owner or entrepreneur.

Running a business with a colleague, either as shareholders in a limited company or as partners, may sometimes present unanticipated challenges. Lots of people go into business with colleagues they know, like and trust but the pressures of running a business can put a strain on even the strongest friendship. What if something happens to one of you? Will that spell the end of the business?

Before entering into any commercial arrangements, it is imperative that you find a solicitor in the UK with knowledge in company and commercial law practice. This may include business formations, corporate searches, mergers & acquisitions, securing corporate credits or shareholder agreements. We will advise you on various aspects of company and commercial law.

A Shareholders Agreement or Partnership Agreement is therefore an essential tool which provides you and your business partner with a vital safety net. It is considered as one of the Four Pillars of Wisdom for a resilient business.

Whatever the size of your business our corporate solicitors are happy to advise you on many of the legal aspects of your business and business interests.
Our clients include sole traders, partnerships and companies and cover a diverse range of industry sectors. Whether your business is a social enterprise, for profit or not-for-profit businesses we are here to help and advise you in the good times as well as the more trying times. Our work includes the formation, purchase, and sale of businesses as well as the drafting and negotiation of commercial contracts.

As with each of our departments at Curling Moore Solicitors & Advocates we seek to maintain long-standing relationships with our business clients and to that end ensure that we take the time necessary to really understand your business and industry sector in order to give you the very best advice possible.

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