Commissioner for Oaths

Commissioner for Oaths

Our Charges per signature: £10

Under English law, a Commissioner for Oaths is a person appointed by the Lord Chancellor with the power to administer oaths or take affidavits. At Curling Moore Solicitors & Advocates we can administer Oath for your documents and witness your signature. We can assist you in:

Statutory Declaration and Affidavit: 

Not everybody can administer a statutory declaration and affidavit as it is an important legal document and must therefore be verified. We can assist you to administer a Statutory Declaration for various purposes as well as drafting and attesting to affidavits.

Being Solicitors and Commissioner for Oaths, we can certify copy of a document as true copy of the original. You must produce the original document for us to certify a copy of the same to be a true copy of the original.

Curling Moore Solicitors & Advocates can prepare a change of name deed poll, an affidavit, a statutory declaration, or power of attorney. You must book an appointment if you want us to prepare any such document for you