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Child Arrangement Order (Private Children Law)

Curling Moore Solicitors & Advocates are accredited by the Law Society and Resolution as specialising in providing advice and representation in disputes concerning children as well as having many years of experience in this area of work. Speak to our children law experts on 02075373553.

At Curling Moore Solicitors, we specialise in providing legal advice and representation to every member in any family on issues concerning children, child welfare, and Care proceedings. Our focus is finding a way around disputes concerning child welfare and family support. We aim to create dialogue platforms that can present and represent the interests of parents and other members of the family before the court or before the Local Authorities. We don’t work out of the box, but we think out of the box during legal counselling and representation. We work with every inch of the provisions in the 1989 legislation: The Children Act. This is the legislation that provides the law we work with.

Grandparents’ rights

If you have grandchildren, the breakdown of a marriage or relationship between parents can cause significant stress and emotional anxiety especially when it comes to retaining contact with your grandchildren. In the UK, grandparent’s rights are limited, and often parental responsibility is limited to parents, but you can still apply for a contact order (more recently known as a “child arrangements order”) in certain circumstances.

Our highly experienced legal team are always on hand to offer advice and support in relation to your rights to see your grandchildren.

Our Solicitors’ Expertise

We work with all kinds of families and on all sorts of cases including:

  • Where there are allegations of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse.
  • Complex medical cases (including allegations of physical injury such as shaken baby syndrome and cases where the effects of undiagnosed medical conditions might be confused with signs of abuse).
  • Where parents have learning disabilities, mental health problems or addiction to alcohol or drugs.
  • Where parents are alleged to have neglected their children.
  • Where children have disabilities or psychiatric illness.
Options Available

We have extensive experience and can advise parents, children, and other family members on all aspects of child protection including:

  • Care Orders and Emergency Protection Orders
  • Supervision Orders
  • Deprivation of Liberty and Secure Accommodation Orders
  • Placement Orders
  • The PLO processes
  • Child protection conferences and reviews
  • Child in Need and Child Protection Plans
  • Where the child is about to be or has been taken into care
  • When family members are caring for a child or wish to care for a child who is in care or is about to be taken into care
  • When an adult is seeking contact with a child in care or wishes for a child to be returned to their care
  • Where the child may be placed for adoption, or a child has been placed with prospective adopters who are applying for an Adoption Order.

If you are a parent involved in care proceedings, you will be entitled to free legal advice and representation. This is called Legal Aid and it may also be available to other family members. In certain circumstances where family members are not entitled to legal aid, the Local Authority may be willing to fund your legal advice.

Adoption, Surrogacy and Assisted Reproduction

Planning to welcome a child into your family as a result of adoption, surrogacy or assisted reproduction is an exciting time. Our family law solicitors all have considerable experience in helping couples and individuals to navigate the varying legal requirements and obtain a parental order.

Child Abduction Abroad

Moving a child to another country without the permission of either the other legal parent or a court may amount to a criminal offence. Despite this, the risk of abduction is often of great concern to a divorcing or separating individual whose estranged partner has origins or connections abroad. We understand the stresses of such situations and the need for urgent legal advice to resolve the matter as speedily as possible. Our family law solicitors are happy to act either for parents whose children have been (or are at risk of being) abducted abroad or for those who have taken their children to another country without appropriate consent.

Domestic Abuse

Cases of domestic abuse are predominant in the United Kingdom. Even though people are constantly told to keep away from toxic environment, it is often difficult for people to get away without help. If you have any concerns regarding domestic violence and how to get away from it, our experienced domestic abuse solicitors are ready to help you to break ties without danger and access reliable, robust legal support. We have done this for many people, we can do it for you.

It is always best to seek a team who are experienced in family law, as they have the expertise to both handle the issue practically, and also to help you as you move on with your life. When children are involved, as they often are, our experienced domestic abuse solicitors will also be able to help you navigate these complex issues as a family.
By contacting a family law solicitor, you are taking the first critical step in living a healthier life. This is a brave step and one which our legal team will never underestimate. At the Curling Moore Solicitors & Advocates, we view all of our clients as individuals and we review their circumstances, wants and needs with care, talking them through their options as we progress with any legal action or practical steps on the journey ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions !!

Answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding children law proceedings

Domestic abuse solicitors can help in a number of both practical and personal ways, helping you to not only escape the cycle of abuse, but also to handle other related issues which may arise as a result of your case.
An experienced domestic abuse solicitor will not only help you to obtain justice but will also be able to help you with things such as housing and community support, ultimately helping the abuse victim to commence with a happier, freer life away from the perpetrator.
The involvement of children means that emotions may well be heightened. We’re here to offer you your family the support and legal guidance you need to break away from the abusive situation and move forwards.

Depending on your circumstances and means, you may be eligible for representation via Legal Aid. This system ensures that you do not need to have limitless funds available to receive the best possible legal care.
If you need to speak with our domestic abuse solicitors now, please call us on 02075373553. We treat all enquiries individually and your details are confidential.

Legal Aid & Fee Information

We understand that you may be concerned as to how to fund your court fees throughout litigation and court proceedings. At Curling Moore Solicitors & Advocates, we have different payment options to suit you. Contact the expert family law solicitors in London today.

We are among the leading law firms in London. Our friendly team will deal with your enquiry sensitively and with understanding so contact us today for helpful and supportive advice about your family law issues. Our friendly team will deal with your enquiry sensitively and with understanding so contact us today for helpful and supportive advice. 

During the current Covid 19 crisis, we can make arrangements to take instructions from you by telephone or video conferencing. We will still be able to access the courts to deal with any emergency applications which may need to be made.

  • Financial settlements
  • Contact and residence where children are involved

Visit our Legal Aid page for more information.